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Invited Speakers

Zsolt Kocsis - IBM Hungary

Zsolt Kocsis is the Chief Technology Officer of IBM Hungary and the Technical manager of IBM Tivoli Software in the Central and Eastern Europe region, associate professor h.c at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He holds a Masters Degree of Electrical Engineering and MBA, both from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Abstract of the talk
Managing complex business services on top of IT solutions is much more then managing solely the IT infrastructure beneath. Business services management requires the management of all resources and implementation layers by knowing the business logic, and includes services relevant information from different business aspects. To achieve an effective service modeling, the analysis must include resource models, connection models, error and error propagation models in a way that the models could be maintained to ensure long term business benefits.

In this talk Zsolt gives an insight of the business services modeling, a possible best practice to build such models in a complex, event based fault management environment and shows the actual outcomes of a recent project at a leading telecommunication company.

Mark Proctor - Drools Project Lead and Founder, Red Hat

Mark Proctor is the co-founder of Drools and it's project lead at Red Hat, the world's leading Open Source company. Mark joined JBoss back in 2006 when Drools was federated into the JBoss middleware stack, JBoss itself was acquired by Red Hat in 2007. Mark has extensive open source experience, being part of the scene since around 2000. Mark received his masterís degree in business and information systems and his bachelorís degree in engineer science and technology, both from Brunel University in West London. Markís masterís thesis was in the field of genetic algorithms, which is where he first got his interest for all things AI-related.

Abstract of the talk
Drools is the leading Java based Open Source rule engine. It is a hybrid chaining engine meaning it can react to changes in data and also provides advanced query capabilities. Drools provides built in temporal reasoning for complex event processing and is fully integrated with the jBPM project for BPMN2 based workflow. Ongoing research includes (but is not limited) to planning, ontological reasoning (semantic web), imperfect reasoning, truth maintenance and distributed collaboration through intelligent agents.

This talk will provide an introduction into Drools what it is and how it works. We will explain the concepts of forward and backward chaining within the context of Drools as well as exploring the rule engine syntax and how it has been extended for temperal reasoning for complex event processing.