About me

I'm a PhD student in Computer Science at the Automation and Applied Informatics Department, Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I am also a member of the HLT group.

My field of interest includes:

  • the unsupervised learning of morphology
  • diacritic restoration,
  • dictionary building and synonym acquisition,
  • language identification,
  • information extraction and search engines,
  • generally anything related to computational linguistics and machine learning.

Shared tasks

We participated in the 2015 Semeval with my colleague, Gábor Recski, in Task 1 and Task 2. Our best run finished 10th out of 30 places in Task 1 and 11th out of 78 places in Task 2.
We also participated in the Discriminating between Similar Languages shared task and finished in 5th place out of 8.


My CV is available upon request.


Me on GitHub.
or my blog.
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